The "Promotion" Lie.

I couldn't believe the number of hands that went up, the sudden looks of enlightenment, the nods of agreement. After the meeting, a woman approached me. "I get it!" she said. "I have heard those words, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. I understand now— it's a scheme of the enemy!"


"How many of you have heard this lie of the enemy?" I had asked the group of women assembled that morning. "Don't get too big for your boots. Don't promote yourself. Don't step out too much— if you do, you are running the risk of becoming prideful."

If you have ever heard those words whispered, here's what you need to know—

If Google translate had an English to "devilish" translation, this phrase would read: "Stay put lady, stay small, stay invisible. Don't you dare fulfill your calling. Stay "humble"stay harmless."

For some reason, it seems that the enemy uses this scheme primarily uses against women. It is based on the fear that many faithful christian women have, that if they attempt to step into the will of God for their lives they will fall into error and pride. This is a lie from the pit of hell, designed to stop women from inheriting the fullness of God in their lives.

While pride is part of the human condition (something all we need to check our hearts for from time to time), if you are worried about being humble, the chances are that pride isn't your issue. When we are committed to living a surrendered life, His Holy Spirit will keep us in line— And He can be trusted to do so.

Don't Fall For it

If you have been a victim of this scheme, I encourage you, woman of God— arise! Get out there— launch that business or website He has called you to launch, step out and start building relationships, discover the divine connections God has in store for you and be a blessing to those whose lives He has called you to impact. If you are a prophet, step out and start prophesying! If you are an author, release that book that you have been pregnant with for years! In other words,

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might." (Eccles. 9:10)

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