Let That Book Out

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

You might be one of those people with a book trapped inside. God has given you a message, but you aren't sure how to get it out. If so, I want to encourage you with this word.


Over the past few months, God has been speaking to me about the theme, "It's time". And it doesn't just apply to those who have been waiting to write books. Recently Alejandro and I had the joy of ministering to a church in Miami, Florida. The spirit of prophecy was present in power that morning, and many people received personal words. I was stunned to later realise that there was a common thread in many of these words.

God is telling his people, "Now! The time is now!" Businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, ministers, authors and dreamers are being urged to step out and do what God had called them to do, in boldness and power.

For the purposes of this post, I speak particularly to authors who have yet to birth the book God has placed in them — "Don't wait any more. Don't put releasing the message God has given you any longer. He would never give you an assignment you cannot complete. Stop doubting yourself and the abilities that He has given you and don't bury your talents in the ground. Be a good steward of what he has given you."

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